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What is GST?

G = Goods

S = Service

T = Tax

Goods and Service Tax, abbreviated as GST, is a value-added tax levied on products and services across the country. It has streamlined multiple indirect taxes, ensuring a transparent and efficient system.

GST Percentage in India

  • 1. 0% GST
    • It is applicable to basic food items like rice, wheat, pulses, fresh fruits, milk, eggs, vegetables, and more.
    • Books and newspapers also fall under this category.
  • 2. 5% GST
    • Essential commodities like food items, edible oils, tea, coffee, sugar, etc., are applied with 5% GST.
  • 3. 12% GST
    • Processed food items, branded garments, and footwear fall under this category. 
    • Also, computers and IT services are applicable for 12% GST.
  • 4. 18% GST
    • 18% GST applies to most items like electronics, capital goods, industrial goods, and more.
  • 5. 28% GST
    • Luxury products fall under 28% GST. 
    • Automobiles, tobacco, aerated drinks, motorcycles, and other luxurious products fall here.

These rates can change depending on the government guidelines.

How to Calculate GST?

Though the GST interest calculator online makes it easier to calculate GST, here’s a simple formula.

There are two formulas:

  • 1. Adding GST
  • 2. Removing GST

Here’s the formula for adding GST:

GST Amount = (Price x GST%)

Net Price = Product Cost + GST Amount

Check out the formula to remove GST from the total cost.

GST Amount = Original Cost – {original cost x (100/(100+GST%))}

Net Price = Original cost of an item – GST

Benefits of our GST Calculator Online

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Easy Steps to Calculate GST with us

  • 1. For Buyer
    • Enter the net price of the purchased item.
    • Enter the % GST applied to the item.
  • 2. For Manufacturer
    • Enter the cost of production of the item.
    • Select the profit ratio earned behind the purchase of the item.
    • Choose the GST% levied on the item.
  • 3. For Wholesaler
    • Enter the cost of production into the checkbox.
    • Choose the profit ratio.
    • Select the %GST applied.

The results will be displayed in the form of Gross price, CGST, SGST, and total tax. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the GST inclusive amount?

GST inclusive amount refers to the total cost of goods and services that includes GST in India. Understanding inclusive amounts allows you to plan finances accurately.

What is the GST exclusive amount?

How does Munim’s online GST calculator make it easier to calculate GST?