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How to Calculate SIP?

Here’s a formula to calculate SIP.

A= P*((((1+i)^n) -1) / i) * (1+i)


A = the Amount you will receive

p = the SIP investment amount

i =  the compounded rate of return

n = the number of months

How do you calculate SIP returns through our calculator?

How to you calculate FD interest?

  • Monthly Investment
    Enter the monthly investment amount you wish to lock your funds for!
  • Return Rate
    Choose the return rate for your monthly investment plan.
  • Time Period
    Select the time period you want to lock your funds for.

What is SIP?

A systematic investment plan (SIP) is an investment scheme where small investments are made periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly). The amount is invested in a selected mutual fund. SIP brings a passive investment opportunity to create wealth in the long term.

SIP Calculator assists in calculating SIP returns for periodic investment. It projects monthly wealth gain on SIP based on the annual interest rate.

Factors That Influence SIP Returns

  • 1. Investment Amount
    The primary amount invested in SIPs is known as investment amount. Higher investment amount leads to larger returns.
  • 2. Investment Period
    Monthly or weekly contributions are crucial in SIP. The longer the tenure, the higher are the returns.
  • 3. Return Rate
    The return rate is either annual or monthly. Its performance is based on the chosen MF scheme. Higher risks are associated with higher return rate.
  • 4. Market Conditions
    The overall market scenarios have a huge impact on the SIPs. Good market conditions lead to higher returns while submerging market scenarios result in losses or low returns.
  • 5. Mutual Fund Scheme
    Multiple MF schemes come with different perks, risks, and strategies. While equity funds offer higher returns, debt funds come with low returns.
  • 6. SIP Frequency
    The SIP frequency is directly proportional to the returns. Investors can buy more units when prices are low and less units when prices are high.

Make a Long-term Investment Plan and Leverage the Benefits of SIP!

  1. You can create, update, and cancel SIP at any time.
  2. It’s a guaranteed long-term saving plan.
  3. With a small amount invested monthly, market volatility has little to no impact.

Perks of leveraging our SIP Calculator Online

  1. Save time and effort on manual calculations.
  2. Get an estimated investment value at the maturity of SIP.
  3. Access our calculator from anywhere and anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I increase the SIP Investment Amount?

Yes, you can go with a periodic top-up of the investment amount while choosing a new SIP.

Do we have any limit on the SIP investment amount?

Is the Munim SIP calculator easy to use?

How is Munim’s SIP calculator simple?