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A Cost-effective Solution to Stay GST Compliant!

• Unlimited users

• Unlimited companies

• Free for now

Complete Business Solution

14 Days free trial with 200 credit

1999999/ Bill yearly

Subscription per company

( 85 Only per month )

  • 1 Admin + 2 Users
E-way billing option
Inventory management
  • Raw goods
  • In-progress goods
  • Finished goods
E-invoice features
User define masters
  • Accounts for various books
  • Products
  • Measure of units
  • Transportation
  • Charts of accounts
Sales module for income
  • Sales quotation
  • Delivery note
  • Sales invoice
  • Receipt & Credit notes
Purchase goods for business grow
  • Purchase order
  • Purchase bills
  • Payment
  • Debit notes
Record company expenses
Accounting & Inventory report
  • General reports
  • Item reports
  • Receivable reports
  • Payable reports
  • Financial reports
  • Statutory reports
Journal voucher module
  • GST journal vouchers
  • Journal voucher
  • Stock journal
GST utility module
  • E-invoice
  • GST reports
  • Return report
  • E-way bills
  • GST utility module
*Prices are exclusive of GST

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