Healthcare Industry

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Go ahead with financial clarity to embrace healthy patient care. Monitor the wellness of your wealth with Munim cloud accounting software. Effortlessly grab the pulse of GST filing and simplify tax operations for your business.

Healthcare industry

Health is Wealth!

The healthcare industry promotes, maintains, and restores patient health. It encompasses medical services, pharmaceuticals,
medical equipment, and research. Treat your patients with care, and we will caution you about your finances.

Our Solutions for Your Hospitals and Clinics

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munim accounting software

Munim Accounting Software

Elevate your healthcare accounting and billing experience with our digital accounting software. We serve your hospitals with the antidote to all the financial concerns. Take care of bookkeeping, compliance, invoicing, inventory, and more in a single click. Munim is a one-stop accounting software for your healthcare organization.

Munim GST Utility Software

Simplify your tax compliance journey with our GST return filing software. Munim helps you stay ahead of regulatory changes and avoid missing taxation dues. Navigate the complexities of GST filing through our comprehensive solution. We are your perfect prescription for hassle-free compliance in healthcare.

munim gst utility softwarre

Our Accounting and Billing Software

Expert that Maintains Your Clinical Accounts Round the Clock!



Let Munim handle your accounting and billing, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.



Munim offers accurate billing, reducing discrepancies and conflicts between patients, insurance providers, and healthcare facilities.


Telehealth Integration 

With the rise of telehealth services, Munim can seamlessly integrate virtual consul-tations into the billing process, making it easier to charge for remote medical services.

revenue cycle

Revenue Cycle Management

Munim streamlines the revenue cycle by optimizing billing, collections, and payment processes, leading to quicker and more consistent revenue inflows.

patient satification

Patient Satisfaction

Munim delivers accurate billing and transparent financial interactions, improving patient satisfaction and trust in the healthcare institution.

record manintenance

Record Maintenance

Munim facilitates the efficient management of patient records, billing history, and financial data, delivering insights into financial planning.

Our GST Software

Healthier Tax Management Simplified to a Click!


Effortlessly file your GST Returns and Stay tax-compliant with our Munim GST Utility Software.


Tax Records

Get quicker access to the dashboard and calculate taxes paid, due pending, and more to avoid penalties.

tax records


Foster trust between patients, doctors, and other clinical staff through 100% visibility in compliance operations.


Cloud and Desktop

Login to our GST software from anywhere through our Cloud solution or leverage our desktop application for faster tax filing.

cloudand desktop

Regular Updates

Stay updated on the changing GST laws and comply with the latest regulations through our GST filing software.

regular updates

GSTN Portal

Connect to the GSTN portal with a few clicks and file GSTR easily through our tax management software.

gstn portal

Why Are Hospitals Integrating Munim into Their System?

The Ideal Therapist to Streamline Your Hospital’s Wealth!

  • Munim helps streamline the billing process, making it easier for medical practices and hospitals to submit claims to insurance companies. It leads to quicker reimbursement and cash flow improvement.

Why Are Hospitals Integrating Munim into Their System?

Who Can Leverage Our Solutions?

Who Can Leverage Our Solutions?

Munim automates and digitizes the entire system, right from accounting to compliance. Ensure better patient care with a complete suite of accounting and GST solutions.

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Healthcare Administrators
  • Billing Managers
  • Healthcare IT professionals
  • Compliance Officers

Why Clinical Staff Loves Munim?

  • Monitor income, expenses, and profits to ensure better financial health.
  • Seamless integration with hospital management software, like Electronic Health Records (EHR) and billing software, creates a unified system.
  • Save manual efforts and time through automated processes.
  • Smartly manage hospital inventory by eliminating stock-outs or overstocks.
  • Ensure anywhere and anytime access to the data.
  • GST return filing software that easily connects to the GSTR portal. 
  • File GSTR with just a few clicks. 
Why Clinical Staff Loves Munim?
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Can I use both Munim Accounting and GST Software from any browser?

Yes, you can use both software from Chrome, Mozilla, and other browsers through our cloud solution.

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