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Embrace our accounting care while you embark on a new mission! Count every penny invested in the service of humanity. Embrace Munim to drive change and transform your vision into impactful numbers. GST filing made it easier for those who serve society.

We Serve Financial Clarity for a Better Tomorrow!

Nonprofit organizations are mission-driven! Most of them leverage traditional accounting and compliance methods, which are tedious
and time-consuming. Tailored to your needs, Munim is the best solution to streamline your financial management.
Contribute to a more sustainable and purpose-driven future with Munim now! 

Our Solutions for Your NGO

Take the Complete Charge of your accounting and Compliance with us!

Munim Accounting and Billing Software

Streamline your donations, donor accounts, inventories, revenue sources, cash flow, and more with our cloud accounting software. Transform your visions into impactful numbers that tell your success stories. While we manage your accounts, you can focus on serving society! 

Munim GST Utility Software

Effortlessly file GSTR with Munim and streamline your compliance operations. Our GST filing software makes recording, calculating, and paying taxes on time more leisurely.

Our Accounting Software for NGOs

We Nurture Your Finances to Cultivate Transformations!

Donation Tracking

Accurately record and manage donations, grants, and other sources of revenue and get a clear picture of their funding sources.


Create and manage budgets more effectively, ensuring appropriate fund allocation to different initiatives.

Invoicing and Billing

Manage invoices and payments for social services, products, or events, streamlining revenue collection and financial tracking.

Financial Reports

Ensure transparency by sharing detailed financial reports with donors, board members, and regulatory agencies.

Record Keeping 

Maintain accurate records of donations received, stakeholders, donors, and initiatives with us. 

Data Security

Secure your stakeholder, donor, and other financial data from authorized access with our digital accounting software.

Our GST Return Filing Software

Create a Sustainable Impact Through Streamlined Tax Management!


Adhere to financial regulations and reporting standards through audited reports and regulatory compliance. 

GST Filing 

Calculate, record, and file GST easily with few clicks from anywhere through a desktop or browser. 

Cost Optimization 

Get insights into spending patterns, revenue, taxes, and cash flow to identify cost-saving opportunities.

GST Updates

Stay updated with the latest regulations and changes in the GST laws to avoid penalties. 

GSTN Portal

Connect easily to the GSTN portal through OTP and submit the tax details effortlessly with our tax management software. 


Check tax liability overview, last synched data, and GSTR filing status for the chosen fiscal year. 

Who Can Leverage Munim? 

We are your trusted catalyst for fueling goodness through hassle-free financial management.

Finance Officials

Finance Officials

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

Donor Relation Managers

Donor Relation Managers

IT department 

IT department

Project Managers 

Project Managers

Board Members

Board Members

Reasons NGOs Love Munim

Bring Change Within Your System and Take a 1st Step to Transform the World. Our accounting and GST software deliver financial freedom to your NGO.

  • Our GST billing software offers inventory management and provides automated stock alerts.
  • Munim is a one-stop solution for all accounting and compliance requirements.
  • Munim delivers an intuitive interface, ensuring easy-to-use applications.
  • Reduce paperwork and save expenses on the physical storage of files. 
  • Munim is a highly secure system that safeguards your confidential information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of accounting software for small nonprofit organizations?

  • Compliance transparency 
  • Finance management 
  • Record keeping 
  • Inventory 
  • Tax calculations and filing

What GSTR types can I file through Munim?

Does Munim require training before signing up?

Can Munim online accounting software be used for donor record management?