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What Makes Munim Unique

Powerful features of our online accounting software to help your business

Financial Accounting

Keep track of your in-flows and out-flows of funds with Munim seamlessly. You are provided with 27 different accounting charts to manage business funds.

Invoicing & Billing

Generate customizable invoices, delivery challans, and quotations with a single click. It also streamlines the billing process, accounts receivable, accounts paid, and contributes to a healthy financial forecast.

GST Compliance

Stay Tax compliant and avoid tax overdue with GST accounting software. It seamlessly integrates with the GST portal so that you pay GST bills, and generate e-invoices and e-way bills.


Munim can be integrated easily with the invoice registration portal. Generate e-way bills online simultaneously with digital invoices on a single click.

Inventory Management

When you have Munim you don’t have to purchase separate software for inventory management. You can manage your inventory batch-wise, with serial no., and many other parameters.

User Access Control

Munim offers privacy to the financial data by allowing access to the employees based on their roles. It ensures controlled access to the modules through authentication strategies.

Munim Modules at Glance

Know what modules we are offering and how they can help you make your business compliance more simple.

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Why Munim Stands Out in the Market?

Munim is leading the edge over competition with its USPs

Automation and Workflow Efficiency

Munim automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks helping your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

One-Stop Accounting Solution

Munim eliminates the need to hop from one platform to another and serves as a single solution for all accounting concerns.


Munim is designed in a way that it serves the requirements of a wide array of industries and streamlines their financial operations.


Munim eases data migration from different software into the system by directly importing files eliminating the need to make manual entries.

Remote Collaboration

Munim allows users to access financial records and collaborate over work from anywhere and at any time.

Single Click

Munim eliminates the need to go through tedious processes delivering all the accounting and billing requirements at a single click.

Paperless Accounting & Billing

Munim is a digital accounting and billing software that eliminates the paperwork and the need to maintain heavy files.

3600 View of Financial Health

Munim offers a complete view of your financial health through a variety of reports and analytics enabling smarter decision-making.

Challenges Munim Accounting and Billing Software Solves

A Modern Accounting Software That Solves all Your Accounting & Billing Concerns


Munim boosts the accuracy of financial statements by eliminating duplicate entries, misplaced data, and incorrect formulas.


Munim offers a single source of truth by ensuring visibility throughout the system to the concerned authorities.

Audit Trail

Munim facilitates seamless auditing by maintaining a detailed audit trail, tracking all financial transactions and changes made in the system.

Intuitive Interface

Unlike most financial systems, Munim is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies accounting and billing for users.

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  • One Click E-Invoice
  • One Click e-way Bill
  • HSN & SAC Code Wise Reports
  • GSTR2A Reconciliation
  • TDS & TCS Return Reports
  • Not Required Challan Book

Complete Business Accounting Software for Everyone!

Easy-to-use cloud accounting software


Munim is a single click accounting software that helps tax professionals to monitor their revenue and automatically calculate tax liability to stay GST compliant.

Chartered Accountants

Munim is comprehensive online accounting software that assists CA’s with record maintenance, accounting, billing, and other financial requirements.


Munim helps tax consultants import and export data between applications and can manage books of accounts of multiple companies from a single account.


Business owners can leverage Munim for inventory management, financial record maintenance, invoicing, expense tracking, e-way billing, and GST filing.

How Top Industries Leveraging Munim!

Accounting and billing software is built to serve every industry

Why Businesses Trust Munim

100% Secured

Munim is hosted on highly encrypted cloud servers, thus your data is safe.

Scalable Solution

Whether your team is of 10 or 100, Munim can cater to all sizes of the team.

Customer Support

You will find us by your side whenever you will reach out to us.

Loved by Experts & Businesses

Thank you for loving Munim and making it the most trusted billing and accounting software.

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Munim is a hub for all the accounting and billing requirements. Over 2500+ Businesses on-boarded have streamlined their financial operations and accelerated their revenue through Munim. Through Munim, we aim to install transparency, credibility, and automation in the financial ecosystem. Your support and loyalty have inspired us to consistently innovate new features that resolve your accounting and billing concerns and work towards accomplishing our aim.

The happy face of our customers is our real reward! We have embarked on a mission to deliver service excellence to our esteemed clientele and continue to grow until our efforts meet your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Munim support GST?

Yes. Munim is an online GST accounting software. All the modules in our systems help you keep your business GST compliant.

Do small business require accounting software ?

Yes, we recommend small businesses to purchase and use accounting software so that they can easily automate their finances with features like expense and payment tracking, invoicing, and remote access. Munim accounting software is easy to use and setup to immediately save time, improve cash flow, and get you paid faster.

I don’t have a physical product. Can I still use Munim?

Yes. Even if you don’t have a physical product, you can use Munim. You can add and manage your services using our Munim accounting software.

Is it possible to add bank details of customers or vendors?

Yes. With Munim, you can add the bank details of customers or vendors while creating their ledger.

Can I keep the credit period while creating customers?

Yes. You can add the credit period in days while creating customers in Munim.

How many businesses I can add with Munim?

You can add any number of businesses/companies with Munim software.

Do I need to install any software?

No. Munim is 100% web-based, so all you require is an internet connection and browser.

How can I do bulk entries?

Munim has an option to upload pre-filled excels for bulk entry, which saves you from time-consuming manual entries.

Do I need multiple accounts to manage multiple businesses?

No. Only one Munim account is enough to manage any number of companies or businesses. So, you don’t need multiple registrations to manage multiple businesses.

Can I access my data on mobile?

Yes. You can access your account and data on any device at any location with your Munim credentials.

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