Best Software for GST: Features, Benefits & More

Best Accounting Software In India For GST: Features, Benefits & More

Do you think it is difficult to comply with GST norms? Don’t worry you are not alone, 24% of business owners in India responded in a survey that they are not happy with GST implementation. But here’s the solution; Munim – the best accounting software in India for GST. With this software, you can stay compliant with all rules and regulations laid down by the GST Council. In this blog, we will discuss the features and benefits of GST software. So, let’s start!

Essential Features of Accounting Software for GST in India

Essential Features Of Accounting Software For GST In India

The following are the important features of GST software in India:

GST E-Invoice

With GST software you can generate GST-compliant invoices in a click and improve billing speed thereby reducing overhead costs.

It is challenging for small businesses to generate GST-compliant e-invoices which is why Munim is offered. From Munim you can generate as many GST e-invoices as per the guidelines notified by the government. Also, you can get these e-invoices authenticated from the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) electronically and reconcile directly.

In Munim, you can also import invoices for record-keeping, and allows you to apply filters, which are: received, outstanding, overdue, partially received, and closed.

GST Return Filing & Reports

One of the reasons to start using GST software in India is that a user can generate GST invoices and upload them directly to the GSTN portal in Excel, JSON, or CSV format. Also, you can file GSTR 1, GSTR 2, and GSTR 3B from the software itself.

Nevertheless, filing GST returns from online accounting software saves a lot of time than manual filing.

GSTR 2A Reconciliation

GSTR 2A reconciliation from GST software is easy. All you need to do is reconcile GSTR 2A for the corresponding year without logging in to the GST portal on a daily basis. Download GSTR-2A auto-populated purchase bills so that you can match them in GST software.

Simplified Accounting

In accounting software, you can feed data manually or import it in just a few clicks. You can check your account balance, account history, invoices, quotations, payments, and more. This software helps you at every step of accounting in such a way that you can maintain and track all the financial records hassle-free.

Internal Audit

The audit is an integral part of accounting. It aids you to prevent mistakes in bookkeeping. Accounting software for GST validates the data automatically and notifies you in case of any mistake.

Generate E-way Bill

In Munim, you can generate single or bulk e-way bills in just a few clicks. The generated bills can be directly uploaded to the GST portal.

Cloud-based Software

Munim is a cloud-based software that means you can access it from anywhere in the world and allows accountants/chartered accountants to work from home.

Data Security

We understand that your data should remain confidential which is why we have enabled Munim with the highest level of encryption technology. So, you need not worry about it, our GST software is safe against cyber attacks.

Final Reports

Munim creates different types of reports to check and match entries, if there is any error, it will be reflected in the reports. There is some GST software in the market that levies additional charges for creating such reports but that is not the case with Munim. You can reconcile accounting mismatches of invoices/purchases/returns/ITC easily.

Automatic Tax Calculation

GST software like Munim aids accountants to calculate tax liability accurately and automatically. Once you feed all the data into the software, all the essential reports will be generated automatically.

Hassle-free Filing Process

Munim is enabled with an API that allows you to seamlessly integrate with the GST portal, all you have to do is feed your GSTN along with credentials and you are good to go.

Multi-user Access

Munim provides you with a facility to access the software to two additional users excluding the owner. In total three users can work together and you can control the access of additional users.

Benefits Of Accounting Software For GST In India

The following are the benefits of using GST software for your business in India:

Accurate GST Billing

When you use GST software for billing there is no chance of errors. You can add different types of GSTs (CGST, SGST, IGST & more) and all the calculations will be done automatically with cent percent accuracy.

Easy E-invoicing

With Munim you can create GST-compliant e-invoices with a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) along with a QR code. Generate e-invoices for B2B, and B2C to ensure faster reconciliation and error-free ITC returns.

Automatic Data Handling

Track all the invoices: paid, pending payment, partly paid, and more in one place. Also, you can fetch real-time reports to know the financial health of the company.

Saves Time

Taxation in India is a bit of a complicated subject. Sometimes you may feel like going round and round with no sense of the right direction. That’s where Munim comes into the picture.

Irrespective of the scale of your business, Munim offers several benefits to your business in handling taxation efficiently, saving you time & money.

Comply With GST Regulations

Businesses have to follow rules laid down by the Government of India to continue their operations. GST is one of those rules which they have to abide by, otherwise, there is a risk of litigation and heavy penalties.

It is best to stay compliant with the GST and one of the effective ways to do so is by using accounting software for GST.

Once you start using the software you will realize how effective it is! Staying compliant with GST will be no more a nightmare as data will be calculated automatically moreover, you don’t need to login to the GST portal frequently, APIs will get everything done for you.

Munim – India’s Best Accounting Software For GST Can Do Wonders For Your Business

So this was all about the features and benefits of the best accounting software for GST in India. We are hoping that you understand the features of GST software and how it can benefit your business. If you are thinking of trying to try Munim for your business then here is an offer for you. Start with a 14-day free trial period now.


Ques. Can GST software handle multi-state GST compliance in India?

Ans. Yes, many GST software solutions are capable of managing GST compliance for businesses operating in multiple states.

Ques. How can I choose the right GST software for my business in India?

Ans. Choosing the right GST software involves considering your business size, needs, budget, and user-friendliness.

Ques. Do I need an internet connection for using GST software in India?

Ans. Yes, an internet connection is necessary for real-time updates and e-filing of GST returns in India.

Ques. Can GST software help in GST audit preparation in India?

Ans. Yes, some GST software can assist in preparing data and reports required for GST audits in India.


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