GST Registration for a Partnership Firm: A Step-by-Step Guide

Registering a partner firm for GST

Partnerships in India are done either orally or through written deals. Partnership agreements depict two or more people collaborating for a business. These partners share profits earned from the company. All the partners, or any of them, can run the business. For taxation, the firms need to submit proof of partnership. Let’s look at the steps for GST registration for a partnership firm. 

Documents Needed for Partnership Registration

Partnership Deed

Firms prefer written partnership deeds to avoid conflicts. All the partners sign the acts on judicial stamp paper. The respective state registrar’s office gives the document. The report depicts the duties and rights of the partners and the partnership firm.  

Proof Documents 

  • PAN Identity of a firm
  • PAN identity is crucial for a partnership firm. Partners need to apply for it. 
  • File form 49A online to apply for PAN. 
  • The authorized partners use digital signature certificates to sign these applications. This process is for online registration. 
  • For offline registration, documents have to be sent to PAN processing offices. These centers are available across the country. 

Address Proof

  • For Rented Office Place:
    • For a rented office place, share the rent agreement. 
    • Also, utility bills like electricity, water, property tax, gas receipts, etc., are submitted. 
    • Attach NOC from the landlord to these papers. 
  • For Owned Office 
    • For the owned office place, present the utility bills. 
    • The statement should have the name of the owner on it. 
    • Also, submit the NOC with the owner’s name.

Other Documents

  • Submit partnership deeds, ID, and firm’s address proof
  • Also, they need address proofs of the partners. 
  • An affidavit certifying all the correct details in the acts and documents is required. 

GST Registration 

  • Registering with the GST Council requires a PAN number, ID, and address proof. 
  • An authorized signatory should sign the deed.
  • This is signed through a digital signature certificate or E-aadhar verification. 

Bank Account 

  • Submit the documents for opening a current bank account:
  • Partnership firm PAN card 
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Partnership firm addresses proof. 
  • Partnership GST registration certificate 
  • IDs of all the partners 
  • Central or state government registration document 
  • Utility bills copy electricity bills, telephone bills, or water bills. These bills should be at most three months old. 
  • Letterhead that has the authorization letter of the firm. The authorizing partner will give the authorized signatory for the account. 

A Guide to Registration for Partnership Firm 

GST Registration Application

  • File the application form to the registrar of firms of the state where the firm is located. 
  • Also, specify the GST registration fees. 
  • All the partners and agents should sign and verify the registration application. 
  • Send the application to the registrar by post or through physical delivery. 
  • Here are the details the application should have.
    • Company name
    • The principal business place 
    • Other locations where the business is done 
    • Joining date of partners in the organization 
    • Details with names and permanent addresses of the partners
    • Period the firm is existing 

Name Selection of the Partnership Firm 

  • Decide a name for the partnership firm. 
  • Here’s a checklist for selecting the name:
    • Don’t choose an identical or similar name that is already present. 
    • The title should be different from the firm already doing the same business. 
    • Avoid using terms like emperor, crown, empire, empress, and words that depict government bodies. 

Certificate Registration 

  • The registration is issued once the registrar is satisfied with the application.
  • He will issue the registration certificate once the firm is registered. 
  • The register details have in-depth information about all the firms.
  • Anyone can view the information by paying the subscription fees. 
  • Submit the form along with the GST registration fees to the registrar. 
  •  All the partners should do the signatures. 

Turnover Limit of GST Registration for Partnership Firm 

Know the turnover limit revolving around these years!

  • The annual turnover threshold for the composition scheme is Rs. 1.5 Cr since 1 April 2019. 
  • The taxpayers must pay quarterly and annually file returns since 1 April 2019. 
  • The limit for northeastern states is unchanged at 75 lakhs. 
  • This limit applies to restaurants. 
  • For the new scheme, there is a fixed rate of 6% with 3% CGST and 3% SGST. 
  • For service providers with an annual turnover of Rs. 50 lakh in the preceding financial year can leverage this scheme. 

Documents Needed for Partnership GST Registration 

Check the documents needed for GST registration for a partnership firm
  1. Partner passport-size photos 
  2. PAN details 
  3. Aadhar Card Details 
  4. Partnership Deeds 
  5. Proof of principal place. It includes utility bills, agreements, and bank statements. 
  6. Authority letter in favor of the partner. 
  7. Application reference number generated once the application is filed. 
  8. Track the status of the application. 
  9. The certificate of registration is generated once the tax officer approves it.

Steps to GST Registration for a Partnership Firm 

steps to register firm to GST
  1. Login to the portal 
  2. Enter the firm information 
  3. Upload all the required documents 
  4. Enter the details of all the partners 
  5. Upload letter of authority
  6. Fill the SAC/ HSN details
  7. Enter bank account information 
  8. Submit the DSC/ EVC code 


We hope you have understood how to register your partnership firm for GST. For more queries, shoot them in the comment section. We will answer them. 

FAQs on GST Registration for a Partnership Firm

  1. What is the period of filing the GST registration for a partnership firm?

In India, the registration of the partnership firm takes almost 12 to 14 days. The time can vary depending on the regulations of the state registrar. 

  1. Is it essential to submit PAN details? 

GST registration for a partnership firm needs PAN card details. Partnership deeds and PAN cards are to be submitted for filing GST returns. 

  1. What are the legal benefits of GST registration for a Partnership firm? 
  • In case of disputes, the partner in the firm can sue the so-partners or the firm. 
  • Registering a partnership firm to avail of the legal benefits is mandatory. 

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