How Can Accounting Software Assist Indian Manufacturers?

accounting software for manufacturing

“The factory of the future will have only two employees: a man and a dog. The man will feed the dog, and the dog will keep the man away from touching the equipment.” Warren Bennis. 

Well said! The manufacturing industry is a fast-growing sector. Technological innovations have propelled a transformative revolution in the industry. Tech is reshaping traditional factory handling methods through improved precision and efficiency. From IoT and AI to Robotics and BI, the manufacturing landscape is driving automation and digital transformation in India. Manufacturers have gone the extra mile in IT to streamline accounting and finances

Accounting software opens the gateway to simplified financial management. It catalyzes profound industry change with heightened efficiency and cash flow management. It optimizes record maintenance and facilitates precise cost tracking from raw materials to finished products. Let’s quickly review the article in detail.

What is Manufacturing Accounting? 

Define Manufacturing accounting

Manufacturing accounting is a specialized stream of accounting that caters to tracking and managing the costs associated with raw materials and finished goods. It is also known as cost accounting. Primarily, it facilitates detailed financial information related to manufacturing operations.

What are the Challenges Faced by Indian Manufacturers?

Indian factory owners face massive challenges every day. They need a centralized system like Online accounting software. This system resolves all the issues in the traditional system. Let’s quickly examine the challenges in the current industry. 

  1. Manufacturers deal with huge payments and clients every day. Handling these processes is complex and leads to multiple errors.
  2. Tracking and monitoring expenses is tedious as it involves minor details and massive computations. Managing these expenses without a system will lead to potential overspending and difficulty in preparing financial reports.
  3. With continuous tax regulation updates, manufacturers need help to stay GST compliant. Improper GST and TDS tracking can cause non-compliance with tax laws and heavy penalties.
  4. A centralized system can make tracking inventory and the supply chain easier. Monitoring raw materials, production schedules, finished products, and defective products can be challenging. Handling these processes manually leads to potential delays and inefficiencies.
  5. Accurate reports are crucial for manufacturers. Generating these reports without a system can lead to inaccurate assessments of financial health and delayed business decisions.

How Accounting Software Can Assist Indian Manufacturers? 

How accounting software assists Indian Manufacturers?
  1. Cost Monitoring 
  • It identifies costs like direct expenses associated with raw materials, labour, and manufacturing overhead. 
  • It also keeps track of indirect costs. 
  • Digital Accounting Software enables manufacturers to understand and control their costs. 
  • Activity-based costing (ABC) and lean accounting principles are gaining momentum across the manufacturing industry. 
  1. Inventory Valuation 
  • Most of the accounting software are associated with inventory management feature.
  • The accounting solution determines the value of inventory or stock at different stages like raw materials, work-in-progress, and final product. 
  • It leverages absorption costing and variable costing to track inventory. 
  • The software allows real-time inventory monitoring to optimize stock levels. 
  • It minimizes situations like stock outs or overstocks. 
  1. Financial Reporting 
  • Financial reporting plays a crucial role in monitoring financial health. 
  • Manufacturing accounting software generates detailed financial reports like income statements, cash flow charts, balance sheets, etc. 
  • It gives a clear overview of the company’s financial health. 
  • The accounting solution incorporates transparency in the reports and integrates trust between investors, customers and other stakeholders.
  • It communicates accurate financial performance to encourage more investments and appropriate planning. 
  1. Budgeting and Forecasting 
  • The online accounting software aids in budget planning and forecasting to ensure informed decision-making. 
  • It helps to develop budget plans, control expenses, and strategize operations based on financial projections. 
  • Accurate budget plans help manufacturers to allocate resources based on requirements and availability.
  1. Tax Compliance
    • Accounting software regularly tracks tax updates, ensuring the manufacturing firm stays GST-compliant
    • It assists manufacturing officers in automating tax calculations, generating tax reports, and filing taxes on time. 
    • This helps the firm to reduce delays and avoid penalties. 
    • Also, the taxpayers can prevent situations like inaccurate tax payments. 
    • Also, accounting applications help manufacturers comply with international tax standards to operate in global markets. 
  1. Vendor and Supplier Management
  • Cloud accounting software operates online and tracks vendor and supplier payments in real time. 
  • It streamlines the procurement process and improves overall financial management. 
  • Also, seamless communication helps to gain better visibility between the vendors, suppliers and stakeholders. 
  1.  Automated Processes
  • Accounting software for the manufacturing industry opens the gateways to automation and digitization.
  • It automates payroll processing, invoicing, tax management, stock management, and e-way billing.
  • It automatically optimizes manufacturing processes and saves time.
  1. Real-time Financial Visibility
  • With real-time insights, billing software empowers firms with up-to-date information for strategic plans. 
  • Accounting software provides financial visibility into financial health across the firm. 
  1. Risk Management
    • Improved accounting practices lead to better risk identification, assessment, and management. 
    • Contingency planning helps to protect firms from unforeseen disruptions. 
    • The accounting software manages and controls risk, preventing losses. 

Munim’s Accounting and GST Software

Munim is a one-stop accounting and GST software that simplifies billing, record-keeping, tax filing, and accounting. It offers an intuitive interface and a less expensive module for businesses. 

Check out the perks of Munim: 

  • It Simplifies complex accounting procedures.
  • Munim is a One-stop solution for all accounting, billing, and tax requirements. 
  • It automates all the processes. 
  • Munim offers 24×7 customer support. 


Accounting and billing software is a boon to the manufacturing industry. If you are a manufacturer and want to streamline financial management, start your free trial with Munim now!

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  1. Which accounting is commonly used in Manufacturing? 

The manufacturing industry commonly uses cost accounting to streamline expense management. 

  1. What are the types of accounting? 
  • Tax accounting.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Management accounting.
  • Cost accounting.
  • Forensic accounting.
  • Governmental accounting.
  • International accounting.
  • Auditing.
  1. Can Munim accounting software be customized for the manufacturing industry? 

Munim has in-built expense tracking, inventory management, tax filing, and all other features required by factory owners. It easily meets all the industry’s needs.  

  1. How can Munim help the manufacturers? 

Munim assists the manufacturers in preparing financial statements and assesses efficiency and the company’s position to improve performance. It also monitors cash flow to control expenses beyond control. Munim’s inventory management feature assists in stock monitoring to avoid overstocks and stockouts. Also, Munim helps to stay GST compliant with updated laws. It automates tax calculations and tax filing and generates accurate tax reports to avoid penalties.  


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