Exclusive Offer: Munim accounting software is free for FY 2024-25

free accounting software for fy-24 to 25

Munim is leading the digital transformation journey for Indian banks and financial institutions by streamlining financial management. It is a one-stop solution for all your accounting, taxation, and billing requirements. Serving a wide array of clientele across the industry, Munim is all set to announce a thrilling offer for its customers. Now, big and small businesses can leverage Munim accounting software for free. 

Register for free to Munim; later, you can pay as your business grows. 

What are the Benefits of Our Free Accounting Software? 

Get free access to Munim accounting software
  • Get unlimited access to every feature 
  • You can avail 50 credits for e-invoicing and e-way billing 
  • Free access is available for one admin + 2 users 

Subscribe for Free and Get the Best of it! 

Features that come for free with Munim

Munim presents a complete package of accounting and billing solutions for industries of all sizes. Your go-to partner for streamlining financial processes is just a click away. Register for free with Munim and pay as you grow. 

Check out the list of features; you can subscribe for free with our Cloud accounting software. 

  1. Efficient Record Management

Munim allows you to maintain records effortlessly and save time on data entry tasks to avoid delays. 

  1. Encourage On-time Payments

Avoid payment delays and encourage customers to pay bills on time through automated reminders. 

  1. Warehouse Management 

Munim inventory management software streamlines stock or procurement activities by eliminating situations like stockouts and overstocks. 

  1. Optimized Purchases 

Munim generates reordering alarms for low stocks, ensuring a streamlined process for the purchasing department. 

  1. Tax Management Software 

Compute, report, record, and file GST efficiently and for free with Munim. Stay tax compliant by staying updated with the latest GST laws through Munim. 

  1. Monitor Payments Payable and Receivable

Maintain a record of payments to be done and received with Munim’s online accounting software. 

  1.  Reports and Dashboard 

Monitor your financial performance through in-depth reports and a dashboard that provides insights to measure your success.  

  1. Cash Flow Management

Track expenses, revenue, profits, and investments to measure the incoming and outgoing for effective expense management.  

  1. User Access Control 

Our GST accounting software permits access to documents such as those of those who can view, edit, or delete files based on their roles. 

  1. Quotation Maker 

Get compelling quotes that help you crack deals and convert proposals to invoices

  1. Expense Tracking 

Strategize a budget-friendly process to optimize expenses and control cash flow with our all-in-one accounting solution. 

  1. Delivery Challan 

Ensure transparent communication and complete visibility through clear and accurate delivery challan

Why Choose Our Free Accounting Software? 

Why Munim is preferred?

Munim brings a set of perks that are available for free only with its cloud accounting software. Let’s scroll down to check Munim’s bucket list. 

  1. Easy-to-use Interface 

Munim’s intuitive UI/ UX navigates you through smooth processes and simplifies accounting, billing, and compliance complexities. 

  1. Security

Munim accounting software offers multi-layered data protection, reducing hacking attempts. It delivers a data encryption facility, multi-authentication for users, and user access control to secure confidential information.  

  1. Access remotely 

Munim allows users to access the data and other functions remotely from anywhere and anytime through an active internet connection. 

  1. Customer Service 

The customers’ happy faces are what matters to the enthusiastic team of Munim. The experts try hard to resolve all your queries and deliver end-to-end customer support, ensuring an exuberant experience. 

  1. Automation 

Munim GST accounting software automates all the accounting, billing, and compliance processes, reducing delays and errors. 

  1. Paperless Journey 

Our one-stop accounting solution reduces manual paperwork and digitizes all processes, allowing files to be viewed online. It also reduces the carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly system. 

Let’s Conclude 

Hopefully, you have understood how our accounting software can benefit your business. Sign up to Munim accounting software for free and enjoy the endless benefits now. Save time, efforts, and resources with optimized accounting operations with us. What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Register now! 


  1. Who can sign up for Munim for free? 

Freelancers, business owners, SMEs, and anyone who wants to streamline financial management can get free access to Munim. 

  1. What if I exceed the free plan limit? 

The free plan does not limit feature access. However, if you want to add an additional company or user, you must pay the charges accordingly. For more details on pricing plans, visit Munim accounting software’s pricing page. 

  1. How many users does the Munim support? 

Munim supports two users in the free plan. To add an additional user, you must pay Rs 300 yearly. 


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