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Leading GST Return Filing Software

Speed Up GSTR Filing and Slow Down Your Stress with our Tax Management Software!

  • GSTR-1/ IFF
  • Easily File GSTR-1 from Anywhere Across India with Munim GST billing and return filing Software!

    • Get GSTR-1 summary for all sections on a single screen
    • Conveniently import data from Munim accounting software, Excel, and JSON
    • Ensure 100% accuracy while filing GSTR-1
    • File and cancel GSTR-1 directly from Munim GST utility software with just a few clicks

Coming Soon:

  • GSTR-3B
  • GSTR-4
  • GSTR-7
  • GSTR-8
  • GSTR-9
  • GSTR-9C
  • ITC-04

Smart GST Filing Solutions For

Designed for all-sized businesses and financial advisors who streamline your compliance processes! 

Smart Insight Reports

Make a Smart Move and File GSTR efficiently

  • Get the comparison report of sales and purchase.
  • Get financial reports, top vendor reports, client reports, and tax
    reports in just a few clicks.
  • Download the reports in customized formats.
  • The easy-to-use interface that quickly navigates to the GST insights.
  • View the cash and credit ledger balance.

Derive Insights From Dashboard!

A Smart Way to Empower Your Business with GST Insights!

Get an overview of your GSTR. The Munim GST billing software provides a dashboard that shows the monthly and quarterly number of companies that have filed GSTR.. It additionally indicates the monthly and quarterly filings for all the GSTR filing types. Get an overview of your GSTR filing and unlock the potential to drive growth through these insights!

  • View the GSTR filing status for the chosen financial year.
  • Check the overview of your net tax liability.
  • Verify the last synced data from the GSTIN portal.

Hassle-free Data Import Experience

Seamlessly Import Data to Drive Better Results! 

Simple Interface for Complex Process

Munim GST Utility Software has a self-explanatory interface with well-organized sections. Get easy-to-use menus that simplify complicated GST filing processes and allow simple access to advanced features. Anyone and everyone can use this easy-to-use GST return filing software. 

Complete Suite of GST Filing Solutions

Simplify compliance and maximize GST returns with our GST return filing software!


Automate tax reporting and calculations to ensure precise and error-free transactions with our GST filing software.


Work with your team to improve productivity and efficiency by optimizing compliance procedures.

Massive Data

Easily manage vast amounts of data and ensure smooth processing through our tax management software. 


Access our advanced reports and derive insights that maximize GST returns through a simple process.

and Alerts

Get real-time notifications and alerts to stay updated on changes in GST rules and regulations with our GST software.

Competitive Pricing
in the Market

Our GST return Filing software allows tax consultants, payers, and accountants to file GST returns quickly and affordably.

Your Data is Safe with Us!

We empower your financial safety with our Robust Security Protocols!

User Access Control

Allow the officials to access your financial data and reports based on the requirements or their roles

Multiple Login Authentication

Ensure login through OTP, email, SMS, and other protocols to secure your confidential data.

Encryption Standards

Protect your financial data from thefts with our advanced encryption technology.

How to Get Started

Unleash the Potential of Our GST Return Filing Software in One Go!


Login/ Register

Register and Log in with your credentials


Online/ Desktop

Choose the medium to use Munim.


Upload Data

Upload data with or without OTP.


Review/ Verify

Review and verify invoices.



File GSTR successfully.

2 Ways to File GST

Unleash the Potential of Our GST Return Filing Software in One Go!

Cloud Solution

Go online and access munim GST software remotely.

  • Access the data and file GSTR from anywhere with an OTP
  • Login through any browser and device
  • Get real-time access to financial information

Are you looking for an Automated Solution? You should try our Desktop Software Right Away!

Desktop Solution

Download Munim to Your Desktop and Automate GSTR Filing!

  • File GSTR seamlessly for massive amounts of data
  • File GSTR seamlessly for massive amounts of data
  • Automate data upload and GSTR filing
  • Speed up the entire process with data stored on your desktop

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