Dashboard for Filing status & GST further updates

All the information regarding GST services, government notifications, circulars, FAQs, return due dates, and our contact support list can be accessed on the desktop version. 

01) Analytics data 

Here, you’ll see a list of imported companies, classified according to their monthly or quarterly return type. Clicking on the return type will direct you to the “My Company” page, corresponding to the selected return type.

Here, you’ll find an additional option to select the month to view pending or filed returns for your company. You can toggle between pending and filed data. Clicking on either option will redirect you to the “My Company” page, displaying the data for the selected month.

 02) Govt. Notifications

A notification in the context of GST refers to an official communication issued by the government or relevant tax authorities to inform taxpayers about changes, updates, or important announcements related to GST laws, regulations, procedures, rates, exemptions, deadlines, or any other matters pertaining to GST compliance. These notifications serve to provide clarity, guidance, and awareness to taxpayers regarding their rights, obligations, and responsibilities under the GST regime. You can access all the latest notifications and choose to view them collectively or select specific notifications for detailed viewing.

03)  Govt. Circulars 

In the realm of GST (Goods and Services Tax), a circular refers to an official document issued by the government or tax authorities to provide clarification, interpretation, or guidance on various aspects of GST laws, rules, procedures, or policies. These circulars are intended to offer comprehensive explanations or resolutions to specific issues, ambiguities, or questions raised by taxpayers, tax practitioners, or other stakeholders regarding GST implementation, compliance, or administration. They serve as authoritative references to ensure uniform understanding and application of GST provisions across the jurisdiction. You have access to the latest circulars as well as the option to view all circulars collectively or select specific ones for viewing.

04) Contact Support 

If you have any uncertainties regarding the Munim GST app, there are numerous options available to reach our contact support team.

05) FAQ 

If you have any questions about any process within the Munim GST app, you can quickly find solutions by referring to the extensive FAQ section available. 

06) Return due dates 

Here, you can discover all the updated return dates tailored to your company’s return filing type.