How to create My company for Return filing

After login user can go to desktop page

Here are  two types of actions are available: Import your customer and Create your customer 

  • Import your customer 

If you have customer list in bulk then you can import your customer by clicking on import your customer button 

Import company pop-up will open and you need to click on download sample file button to add your customer list and import bulk 

Now, select the file to insert the data in the sample file and click on upload button 

Post uploading, go to my company page and import the process bar displayed above my company name. Once the data is successfully imported, all your customer companies are displayed to my company page. 

  •  Create your customer 

If you have only one customer then click on create your customer button 

Now, a pop-up will be shown where you can enter your customer GSTIN Number. Once you enter GSTIN number, it will automatically fetch and display the name  of your customer company after clicking on the create button.   

Create button generates and displays your customer company name successfully. 

Both the actions are available on my company page making it easier to process