How to file GSTR1 in Munim GST Software?

Here you will get step by step guide to file GSTR1 in Munim GST Software

  1. Add Company in Munim:
  • Go to My Company > Create Company.
  • Enter your GST number and click create.
  1. Select GSTR-1 Option:
  • After creating the company, click on the Return button.
  • Select GSTR-1 from the list of options.
  1. Prepare Data:
  • Prepare your data by adding invoices manually or importing data.
  1. Import Your Data:
  • Click on the Import Data button.
  • Choose from options like Munim Excel Template, JSON File, Munim Connector, Copy/Paste/Write, or Government Excel/CSV.
  1. Check Invoices:
  • After importing your data, verify the invoices in the second step.
  1. Push Data to GSTN Portal:
  • In the third step, select either Upload without OTP or Upload via OTP.
  • Click on Upload Data to GSTN and wait for the summary to be generated.
  • Click Proceed to File.
  1. File GSTR-1:
  • In the fourth step, file GSTR-1 using the EVC or DSC method.
  • Enter the OTP if required.

By following these steps, you can easily file your GSTR-1 using Munim GST software. For further assistance, please contact our support team.