How to generate Bulk e-invoice?

Steps for generate Bulk e-Invoice for sales

Follow the below steps to generate bulk e-invoices in Munim app:

  • First, log in to the Munim app. (
  • Go to the Sales Invoice module.
  • Select the multiple invoices.
  • If you select invoices then it shows the Bulk e-invoice button.
  • Click on the Bulk e-invoice button.

If you click on the Bulk e-Invoice button then shows a pop-up of the import progress bar for generating bulk e-invoices. this pop-up shows the data like generated e-invoice, error while generating e-invoice, found already generated.

If you require to see the error file then click on the Download error file button.

If the user creates an e-invoice then the icon for e-invoice appears on the sales invoice list page.