Released in February-2024

Item Group Module

We are happy to introduce our new module “Item Group”. Once creating an item group you can use it in the item master. You can easily check items stock group-wise. Item group helps filter the item group-wise. To learn more about this feature click this link.

Item Category Module

Our software has been substantially enhanced by adding a new module “Item Category”. This master helps create the Item category, and the Item category helps filter the item category-wise. Once you successfully create an item category, you can use it in the item master. you can easily check items stock category-wise. For additional details about the feature, go to this link.

Printing templates for Quotation

We are improving the printing template setting for quotation print. In this module multiple print setting options are available. This setting is useful for increasing your quotation print design and it enhances the user view experience. Check this link to know how this action can be implemented.

Printing templates for Delivery Challan

With pleasure, we present the “printing templates” setting, a new addition to the delivery challan print settings. This module offers several print configuration choices. This setting improves the user view experience and helps you increase the design of your delivery challan print. Print versions of these two layouts are available here. Click on this link for more details.

Printing templates for Sales Return

Our new “printing templates” feature for sales return print settings is something we are glad to introduce. This module offers a variety of print setting choices. You may improve the user view experience and increase sales by using this parameter in your print design. You can print one of these two layouts here. To know more about this feature click this link.