Item Category

This master helps create the Item category, and the Item category helps filter the item category-wise. Once you successfully create an item category, you can use it in the item master. you can easily check items stock category-wise.
With the item category master, we can streamline inventory, simplify reporting, and enhance decision-making processes. It’s a significant step forward in optimizing our inventory management practices.
Furthermore, the item category master will facilitate better organization of our inventory data, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all transactions. This will not only save time but also reduce the risk of errors in our financial records.

Create Item Category:

Go to the Item Category module in the left sidebar.
Click on the Create Category button or press the Alt+N key.

On the listing page, grid functionality is available so, the user can easily filter the data and user can update and delete item category.

Special Note: If the user used the item category after that user can’t delete and update item category.