Purchase bill

This module is used for inward purchase bills. Here you are able to add new vendors and new items.
On this page, you are able to import the purchase bill. we are providing the sample excel file which you can download, add the details and import the data.

On this page…

How to import purchase bill:

  • Go to the Purchase module from the left sidebar and then select the Purchase Bill.
  • Now on this page, click on the Import purchase button from the top right corner.
  • Now the import sales popup will be shown from which you need to click on the Download sample file.
  • Now open the downloaded excel file, add the details, save it and upload the file in that popup itself.

Create purchase bill :

  • Go to the Purchase bill module in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Create bill button or press the Alt+N key.

Purchase bill listing module

Purchase bill entry

VendorHere select a vendor for creating a purchase bill. here also you are able to add new vendors. Mandatory field
Mobile no.Here write your vendor mobile number.
EmailHere write your vendor email. 
Billing addressIf you have written the address in the vendor ledger then as you select vendor, the Billing address will automatically come here. Mandatory field
Place of supplyIGST will be applicable on the invoice. Suppose selected billing accounts province is different in comparison to the Place of supply province.
Bill no.Here write the purchase bill number.Mandatory field
Bill dateHere write the purchase bill date.Mandatory field
Terms (Days)Here set the due days for this purchase bill.
Due dateAs you write Terms days, The due date will automatically be set.
BookHere select the purchase book for purchase record.
PO No.If you are creating a purchase bill using a purchase order then the purchase order number is shown here but if you creating a direct purchase bill then this field showing disabled.
Product/ServiceHere select an item, here also you are able to add an item.Mandatory field
HSN/SACIf you have written the HSN/SAC code in the item master then as you select an item, the HSN/SAC code will automatically come here.
BATCH NO.Here write the batch number.
Expire DateHere write the batch expire date.
MRPHere write the item MRP.
QuantityHere write the item quantity.Mandatory field
Rate (₹)Here write the item rate.Mandatory field
Discount(%/₹)Here write discount. here you are able to apply discounts in two types, first percentage-wise and second amount-wise.
Discount amount (₹)As you write discount, The discount amount will automatically come here.
Taxable amount (₹)As you select the item, write the item quantity, write the item rate, and add the discount then the taxable amount will show here.
CESS(%)Here write CESS(%).
GST RATE(%)As you select the item, GST Rate automatically comes here from the item master. Here also you are able to change GST Rate.
AMOUNT (₹)As you write the item name, item quantity, item rate, and discount then the amount will show here.
Special notesHere write a special note for this invoice.
TDS sectionHere select the TDS Section rule.
TCS (%)As you select the TDS Section rule, TDS (%) will come here.
+ Add service charge with taxHere you can add an additional service charge for this invoice. here you are able to add multiple additional services.
+Add another chargeHere you are able to add and remove another charge for this bill. here you are able to add multiple other charges.
Discount AmountHere you are able to apply a discount for this bill.
Auto round off checkboxThis checkbox is used for the invoice total amount set in the round of the amount, and also you are able to set a custom amount.
No file chosenHere you able to attached the document for this bill.
Save & nextThis button is used to save the purchase bill and the page redirects to the same page.
SaveThis button is used to save the purchase bill and the page redirects to the purchase listing page.
Field information

Shortcut Description
Alt+SSave – This shortcut is used to save the purchase bill.
Alt+NSave & next – This shortcut is used to save the purchase bill and redirect on same page.
Alt+DDiscard- This shortcut is used to discard the purchase bill.
Alt+ANew- This shortcut is used to add a new row
Alt+RRemove- This shortcut is used to remove a row
Alt+CCancel- This shortcut is used to cancel the purchase entry. ( work as Back button)
Shortcut information

Purchase bill listing with demo entry

ExportHere the user can export purchase bill data. 
ImportHere the user can import purchase bill data. 
Create paymentThis action is used to create a payment for the purchase bill.
EditThis action is used to edit the purchase bill.
ViewThis action is used to view the purchase bill.
DeleteThis action is used to delete the purchase bill.
Bill HistoryThis action is used to see bill history.
File AttachmentThis action is used to upload and download the file.