Printing templates for Quotation

We are happy to introduce our new setting “printing templates” for quotation print settings. In this module multiple print setting options are available. This setting is useful for increasing your quotation print design and it enhances the user view experience.

How to open Quotation Printing Templates Setting:

  • Go to the Setting module
  • Click on Printing Templates Module
  • Click on the module dropdown list, located in the top right side corner
  1. Select “Quotation” module


  • Go to the Quotation  module
  • Click on the Printing Templates icon
Quotation Terms & ConditionsThis setting is helpful for showing the bank details of the company.
Show Shipping AddressThis setting is helpful for showing the shipping address for the goods of the customer. sometimes, the customer’s billing address and shipping address are different.
Show Bank DetailThis setting is helpful for showing the quotation total amount in Word format.
Show LogoThis setting is helpful for adding company logo on the quotation print. If you add company logo on the company setting page then logo is shown here.
Show SignatureThis setting is helpful for adding authorized signature on the quotation print. If you add the signature on company setting page then the signature is shown here.
Show Amount in WordsThis button is helpful for saving the quotation print setting.
Save & PreviewThis button is helpful for previewing the quotation print.
PreviewThis button is working as the back button.
CancelThis button is working as back button.