This module is used to create expense entries.
After doing this you are able to manage the extra expenses.
Here are two types of expense handle, one is a direct expense and the second is an indirect expense.

Create expense entry:

  • Go to the Expense module in the left sidebar.
    Click on the Create expense button or press the Alt+N key.

Create an expense module
Create an expense module

VendorHere select vendor for creating expense entry. here also you are able to create a new vendor.Mandatory field
Voucher no.Voucher no. is auto-generate.
DateHere write the expense voucher entry date.Mandatory field
GST INAs you select a vendor, The GST IN will automatically come hereThis field is disabled.
Mobile no.Here write the mobile number. 
EmailHere write the Email address. 
Payment methodSelect the payment method for this expense voucher here.Mandatory field
Paid amountHere write paid amount for this expense voucher.Mandatory field
Reference no.Here write the reference number.
Payment from
Here select which account to pay expenses. here also you are able to create a new bank ledger and cash ledger.
 Mandatory field
Nature of expenseHere select the nature of the expense. here also you are able to add a new expense ledger.Mandatory field
DescriptionHere write the description of this expense.
Taxable amount (₹)
Here write the taxable amount.Mandatory field
Here calculate the total amount. (Taxable amount + GST amount)
Special notesHere write the special notes on this expense voucher.
Auto round offThis checkbox is used to round off the total amount.
SaveThis button is used to save expense vouchers.

Shortcut Description
Alt+SSave & Next- This shortcut is used to save the expense voucher and page redirect to the same page.
Alt+DDiscard- This shortcut is used to discard the expense entry.
Alt+NAdd new row- This shortcut is used to add a new row.
Alt+RRemove row- This shortcut is used to delete rows.
Alt+CCancel- This shortcut is used to cancel the expense entry.( work as for Back button)

ExportThis option is used to Export all your data in Excel format 
Create ExpenseTo create a new expense click on this button
ActionsHere multiple types of actions are available, Edit, View, Delete. 
EditThis action is used to edit expense vouchers.
ViewThis action is used to view expense vouchers.
DeleteThis action is used to Delete expense vouchers.
File attachmentThis feature is used to add attachment file.