Opening Sales Invoice

This module is used for creating opening sales invoices.
Here you are able to add new customers.
On this page, you are able to import the Opening sales invoices. we are providing the sample excel file which you can download, add the details and import the data.

On this page…

How to import opening sales invoices:

  • Go to the Sales module from the left sidebar and then select the Sales Invoice.
  • Click on the Opening tab.
  • Now on this page, click on the Import button from the top right corner.
  • Now the import op. sales popup will be shown from which you need to click on the Download sample file.
  • Now open the downloaded excel file, add the details, save it and upload the file in that popup itself.

Create sales invoices:

  • Go to the Sales module from the left sidebar and select Sales Invoices.
  • Click on the Opening tab.
  • Click on the Create invoice button.
CustomerHere select customers for creating sales invoices. here also you are able to add new customers. Mandatory field
BookHere select the sales book for sales record. 
Invoice No.Here write the Invoice number Mandatory field
Invoice dateSelect the invoice date or write the invoice date. Mandatory field
TermsHere write the terms day. 
Due dateAs you write Terms days, The due date will automatically be set. 
Total amountHere write the invoice total amount. Mandatory field
Outstand amountHere write the invoice outstanding amount. Mandatory field
Field information