Ledger Report

A ledger report is a financial statement that provides a summary of the transactions and balances for specific accounts within a specified period. It is typically generated from the general ledger, which is the central repository of all financial transactions of a business.
Ledger reports are essential for financial analysis, tracking account activity, and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial records. They provide a detailed overview of the financial transactions and balances within specific accounts, helping businesses and individuals monitor their financial performance and make informed decisions.

How to open Ledger Report:

  • Go to the Report module in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Ledger Report button.

If you click on the ledger report button then show the ledger report popup, here select the time period and select the account for view report. now clicking on Generate Report button.

The user is able to export ledger reports in PDF and Excel format. also here date wise filter available. the user is able to view the report date-wise.