Stock Register Report

A stock register report is a document that provides a detailed record of the stock or inventory transactions within a business over a specific period. The report helps businesses keep a track of their stock levels, monitor stock movements, and manage inventory effectively.
A stock register is a systematic record-keeping document that tracks the inflow and outflow of goods or products within a business. It serves as a ledger for managing and monitoring the inventory levels of various items. The stock register typically includes essential details such as item codes, descriptions, unit measurements, opening stock quantities, and values.
Transaction details, including receipts (additions to stock) and issues (deductions from stock), are recorded chronologically with corresponding dates. The register helps businesses maintain accurate stock levels, facilitating effective inventory management and preventing stock outs or overstock situations.

How to open the Stock Register report:

  • Go to the Report module in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Stock Register report button
  • Select From Date To Date, and Item on the Stock register pop-up.
  • Now click on the Generate Report button.

On this page multiple filters are available and the user can export this report to PDF format and Excel format.