Indirect Incomes

Here you are adding your Indirect Incomes ledger to Munim. After doing this, you are able to manage your indirect income.

Create Indirect Income account

  • Go to the Account module in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Create account button or press Alt+N key
  • Select Indirect Incomeledger on Under group ledger drop down list.

Field Information for Indirect Income ledger:


Under groupHere select the Indirect Incomes account. 
Account nameHere write your account name.Mandatory field
Short nameHere write your account short name. 
DescriptionHere write your account’s short name. 
HSN/SACHere write HSN/SAC code for your ledger. 
Nature of transactionHere select the Nature of the transaction for your account. 
Is Active?Here if you select “Yes” then this account is shown in all modules and if you select “No” then this account is not shown in all modules.