Quick entry for Receipt Voucher

Our software has been substantially enhanced with the addition of Quick Input for the receipt voucher. To create a receipt voucher for this invoice, the money received option that was added to the sales invoice module is quite useful. Now, the user has the ability to produce a receipt voucher while creating a sales invoice. When the “Payment Received” checkbox is selected by the user and payment-related information is entered, an automatic receipt voucher is created. This feature saves you time because both entries (sales + receipt) perform at the same time.

How to create a quick entry for the Receipt Voucher on the Sales Invoice module:

  • First, go to the Sales Invoice module in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Create Invoice button or press the Alt+N key.
  • Adding customer and item-related data on the Create sales invoice page.
  • Click on the Payment Received checkbox button.
  • Now showing payment-related fields like Mode, Ref.No., Deposit to, and Amount.
  • Fill in all data and Click on the invoice Save button.
  • The Receipt voucher is generated successfully, go to the Receipt module and check it.

Mode: Select payment received modes like Cheque, Net Banking, Cash, and UPI.
Ref.No: Here write the receipt reference number.
Deposit to: Select payment deposit account.
Amount: Here write the received amount for this invoice.
+Add Payment: This button is used to create multiple receipt vouchers.

Mostly asked questions:

  1. If you delete the sales invoice then the receipt voucher is unadjusted and the receipt status is showing Open.
  2. If you delete the receipt entry on the Receipt module then payment received data is removed on the Create sales invoice page.
  3. If you entered multiple payment entry on the create sales invoice page then multiple receipt voucher is generated.
  4. Total Payment Received amount should not be greater than the invoice total amount.