Introduction – Items

Items are the product or services that you deal with in your business.

Whenever you create transactions for your customers or vendors, you can add these items and their details will be auto-populated.
On this page, you are able to import the item. we are providing the sample excel file which you can download, add the details and import the data.

On this page…

How to import item:

  • Go to the master module from the left sidebar and then select the Item.
  • Now on this page, click on the Import item button from the top right corner.
  • Now the import item popup will be shown from which you need to click on the Download sample file.
  • Now open the downloaded excel file, add the details, save it and upload the file in that popup itself.

To create the Item in Munim:

Item listing page
Item listing page

  • Go to the left sidebar and select the Item module.
  • Click on the Create item button or press the Alt+N key.
  • Enter the TypeName and other details.
  • To save the item, click on the Save button or press the Ctrl+Alt+S key.
Create Item
Create Item

Field Information for Items:

Item typeHere you can create two types of items: Product or Service.
Item nameWrite here your product name or service name.
Item descriptionWrite the full description of your product or service.
Cess enable 
UnitHere set unit measurement of your product or service.
Opening stock (Qty)Here put the opening stock of your product.
Low stock warningIf you select the “Yes” option then low stock items will be highlighted OR If you select the “No” option then low stock items will be normal.
Low stock unit (Qty)Here set low stock warning unit(qty) of your product. it use to remind the low stock items.
Negative qty allowed 
Sales pricePrice at which you sell the item to your customers. This price will be reflected on your sales transactions like invoices, sales returns, etc.
Purchase pricePrice at which you buy the item from your vendors. This price will be reflected on your purchase transactions like bills, purchase returns, etc.
HSN codeHere write the HSN code for your product or service.
GST rate(%)Here set the GST tax rate for your product or service.