Apply Color Themes on Sales Invoice Templates

We are thrilled to announce a new feature in Munim that allows you to apply color themes on your sales invoice templates. This enhancement enables you to customize the appearance of your invoices, making them more visually appealing and aligned with your brand identity.

How to Use the Color Theme Feature for Sales Invoices

Applying Color Themes:

  1. Navigate to Invoice Settings: Go to the Settings menu and select the Printing Templates option.

  1. Choose a Template: Select the sales invoice template you want to customize.

  1. Apply Color Theme: In the template settings, you will find an option to apply a color theme. Choose from the color box shown below to create your own custom template theme.

  1. Save Changes: After selecting the desired color theme, save your changes to apply the theme to your sales invoices.

This new feature is designed to help you create professional and branded invoices effortlessly. Whether you want to match your company colors or simply make your invoices stand out, the color theme feature provides you with the flexibility to do so.

Elevate your invoicing process with Munim’s new Color Theme Feature and make a lasting impression with every invoice you send!

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