Released in July-2023

New Item type as “Additional service”

We are happy to introduce a new type of item as “Additional Service”. Now the user can able to add additional services on sales invoices. This feature helps add another service charge with the tax on sales invoices. Additional service charges and taxes are shown on the sales invoice print. Click this link for more details.

All Lists layout with customized filters and further useful option

The new filters are user-friendly and customizable and able to save and share it. Now the user has multiple filter options available. This feature is helpful for creating customized reports as well. Currently, the list applies on all master, sales invoice listing pages & sales summary report pages. On all reports global filter is optional and the user can save custom reports from it. The user is able to share this report. Click on this link for more information about the feature.

Recover the canceled invoice

The recover the canceled invoice features in our software that enhance your invoicing experience. We are providing a feature in this software for you to reclaim your GST invoice if you unintentionally canceled it. To know more about this feature in detail visit this link.

Quick Invoice

The new Quick Invoice feature in our software, is intended to simplify your invoicing procedure and save you significant time. Quick Invoice is a powerful feature that enables you to generate invoices rapidly with just a few clicks. It is ideal for scenarios where you need to create invoices swiftly without the need for extensive customization. To know more detail on how it works, click here.

Delete the option for credit notes

The Credit Note Deletion feature is an important upgrade to our software that gives you more control over your credit notes. Credit Note Deletion is a new functionality that allows you to manage credit notes efficiently. You now have the flexibility to delete credit notes when necessary, streamlining your credit management process. Check this link to know how this action can be implemented.

Discount percentage(%)

This feature helps apply discounts percentage-wise. Discount percentage applies on invoice subtotal amount. Now the user can apply discounts on the overall invoice instead of a single item. The user can apply discounts either Percentage-wise or even Amount-wise. To know more about this feature in detail visit this link.

Item Report Date and Customer Wise

The “Item Report Date and Customer Wise” report, is a potent new report in our software. This feature is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into your sales and inventory based on specific dates and customer data. With this report, you can analyze the sales performance Click this link for know more details.