How Can I Display Transport/Vehicle Details in Sales Invoice Print?

You can show transporter details in the Sales Invoice print without creating E-way Bill.

Enable Eway Bill Option:

  • Start by enabling the Eway Bill option from Settings > Statutory Information > GST Details > Edit > Enable E-way Bill option.

Fill Eway Portal Credentials:

  • Provide the necessary Eway portal credentials and password. If you don’t have Eway portal access, you can use “NoEway” in API User credentials and API Password.

Adding Transport Data:

  • Now while creating a Sales Invoice enable E-way details option to add Transport details.

Generate E-way Bill Prompt:

  • After adding transport data and while saving the invoice, a popup will appear, asking, “Do you want to generate E-way bill?”, To save transporter details without creating an E-way bill, click “No” when prompted.

Transporter details on Invoice Print:

  • After adding transport data and saving Sales Invoice you will find Transporter data on Sales Invoice print.

By following these steps, you can effectively showcase transport details in Munim Invoice Prints. If you face any challenges or have additional questions, our support team is ready to assist you. Enhance your invoice presentations with Munim!