How to add the E-way Bill Number and Date in Invoice manually?

To add Eway bill details on the Invoice manually in case if you have generated an Eway bill through the Eway portal please follow these steps to add Eway bill details.

Enable E-Way Bill Option:

  • Before creating the invoice, ensure that the E-way bill option is enabled.
    To enable go to Settings > Statutory Information > GST details > Edit > Enable Eway bill option > Add API credentials > Save.

Enable E-Way Bill Detail Checkbox:

  • While creating the invoice, enable the E-way bill detail checkbox. This action will open the E-way bill detail fields.

Enter E-Way Bill Number and Date:

  • In the E-way bill detail fields, fill in the E-way bill number and E-way bill date.

Icon on Invoice page:

  • After adding the E-way bill number and date, an icon will be displayed on the invoice page, indicating that the E-way bill details have been added manually.

By following these steps, you can easily manually add the E-way bill number and date to an invoice in Munim. If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, please contact our support team for assistance.