Pre-printed stationary setting

The settings for pre-printed stationery in Munim are designed to help users customize their invoice printing when using pre-printed stationery. This allows you to hide or show certain elements such as company details, logos, and signatures, and set margins to ensure proper alignment on your pre-printed forms

Steps to Enable and Configure Settings:

  1. Go to Settings:
    Navigate to the Munim menu and click on the Settings option. Within the Settings menu, select Printing Templates.

  1. Enable Pre-printed Stationery Settings:
    Look for the option Settings for Pre-printed Stationery (in Inch) and enable it.

  1. Set Margins:
  • Set the Top Margin in inches for blank space on the top.
  • Set the Bottom Margin in inches for blank space on the bottom.

  1. Customize Display Options:
  • Hide or show company details on the invoice by selecting “Show Company Details” option.
  • Hide or show the logo option by selecting “Show Logo” option.
  • Hide or show the signature from the footer label settings.

  1. Preview changes:
    After setting Margins, click Preview to check the template.

  1. Save Your Settings:
    After configuring your settings, click Save to apply the changes.

By following these steps, you can ensure your invoices are properly aligned and formatted when printing on pre-printed stationery.