Deposits (ASSET)

In the account module, you can add your Deposits (ASSET) to Munim. After doing this, you will be able to manage your Deposit (ASSET) account.

Create Deposits(ASSET) account:

  • Go to the Account module in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Create account button or press the Alt+N key
  • Select Deposits (ASSET) ledger on the Under group ledger drop-down list.

Field Information for Deposits (ASSET)  ledger:

Under groupHere select the Deposits (ASSET) account. 
Account nameHere write your account name.Mandatory field
Short nameHere write your account’s short name. 
EmailHere write your account email id. 
Mobile noHere write your account mobile no. 
Opening BalanceHere put your account opening balance. 
Is Active?Here if you select “Yes” then this account is shown in all modules and if you select “No” then this account is not shown in all modules.


Alt+SSave-This shortcut is used to save the account details.
Alt+CCancel- This shortcut is used to cancel the account details.
Alt+DDiscard- This shortcut is used to discard the account details.